The Year 2022 is going to an end, a wonderful event is coming soon.we would ...
WINSTAR NEWS Dec, 2022│Issue No. 166
The Year 2022 is going to an end, and a wonderful event is coming soon. Christmas is a good time to think about all we have to be thankful for. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all customers’ valuable collaboration during all these years.  Next year is our 25th anniversary, and we will go public in 2023; Winstar would not have come to this success without your support and business.  And we are very proud to be and continue to be part of your success. 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

News & Events
President Venson Liao was honored with National Manager Excellence Award 2022.
Winstar Awarded Workplace Work Equal Rights Excellent Institution.

This issue, let's catch up with our OLED and STN new products and a recent technical article regarding VATN introduction.

  • WEO012832P:1.71" 128x32 COG Graphic OLED Module
  • WEO128128H1.5" 128x128 Grayscale Graphic OLED Module
  • WEO006448B0.66" 64x48 Consumer-grade OLED Module
  • WO2004BCharacter 20x4 COG LCD Display Module
  • WO2004CCharacter 20x4 COG LCD Display Module with FPC
Our New Products
OLED 〔WEO012832P〕
  • WEO012832P is a 1.71" COG OLED display module that is made of 128x32 dots. This module is built in with CH1115 IC; it supports I2C and 4-Wire SPI interface, 3V power supply, 1/32 driving duty... ▶ Read More
OLED 〔WEO128128H〕
  • WEO128128H is a 1.5-inch COG Graphic OLED display; made of resolution 128x128 pixels. This module is built-in with CH1120 IC; it supports 8080, SPI, I2C interface, 1/128 driving duty, featuring 4-bits grayscale function...
    Read More
OLED 〔WEO006448B〕
  • WEO006448B model is a consumer-grade COG OLED display, diagonal size 0.66 inch, made of resolution of 64x48 dots. This OLED module is built-in with SSD1315 IC; it supports 6800, 8080, 4-wire SPI, and I2C interface...Read More
STN 〔WO2004B〕
  • WO2004B is a module of 20 characters x 4 Lines COG LCD display; it is built-in with IST3602 IC; supports I2C interface, 1/33 duty, 1/6 Bias...Read More 
STN 〔WO2004C〕
  • WO2004C is a monochrome Character 20x4 COG LCD module with FPC. its interface is I2C and supports 3V power supply, 1/33 duty, and 1/6 Bias.... Read More
The Key Advantages of VATN Display

There are three main VA display technologies in the market:MVA, PVA, and CPA.In this article, we only focused on monochrome VA LCD which we call VATN.

Let's learn more from this technical material....  ▶ Read More

Super high contrast ratio.
Wide viewing angle.
Negative mode only.
High backlight brightness.

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